Inter-symmetric works

Mark Fell and Rian Treanor, 2020-2021.

A series of new works that explore the musical possibilities of remote participation, with a focus on exploratory forms of networked interaction between audiences and collaborators. These include workshops, live performance, installation and critical discussion.

"We see this project as an opportunity to explore new forms of musical collaboration and structure, not just weak imitations of pre-existing practices badly transplanted into online formats."

Here is a feature where Rian discusses the project in the Guardian

The project examines relationships between procedural action, algorithmic process, non-linear interfaces, musical structure, and group-based performance. These are considered in response to isolation and lockdown-between extremes of physical disconnectivity and digitally mediated hyperconnectivity-with the aim of offering unusual alternatives to the technical, aesthetic and ideological limitations of streaming media and other traditional web-based formats.

The project's open and flexible infrastructure can accommodate different forms of performance - for example audience members can participate in the performance of the work, or specific collaborators could share interfaces in real-time from remote locations. This challenges familiar concepts such as the distinction between performer and audience; the role, act and form of composition; the club, gallery or venue as singular site of creative action.

Remote live performance by Mark Fell featuring Rian Treanor and Justin Kennedy at CTM x HKW, Berlin

Technically speaking, the process does not involve the streaming of audio. Instead it is based upon the sharing of pattern generating data. Here all audio is generated by the user's local computer, and is therefore uncompressed and high quality. The system uses minimal bandwidth, and continues to function even if it is briefly taken offline.

Conceived of as non-linear self-organising "scores", these will be presented at festivals and institutions over the coming year. Each iteration offers an opportunity to test and explore different structures and systems, and will result in the premier of a new piece. It is anticipated that a record will be released at the end of the year that documents the project.

Video of Ron & Doreen taking part in a rehearsal for a remote live perfomance at No Bounds Festival

Here is an interview Mark and I did with Darwin Grosse discussing some of the ideas and technologies behind the project on Cycling 74 website

Workshop at The National House of Artists, an establishment housing dependent elderly people in Paris 2020

Here is a feature about the project on International Orange

Workshop as part of Sommerset House AGM 2020 event. Performance by Ella Soni, Eve Giltinan-Allais, Joseph Henson, Joseph Teh & Margot Saywood

Here is an interview of Rian and the participants discussing the project on Worldwide FM radio

A series of workshops and remote live performance with a group of under 10-11 year olds for No Bounds Festival 2020.

A series of workshops exploring the relationship between images and sound, with groups of 7-8 year olds at Focal Point Gallery, Southend in 2019.

A remote workshop as part of NEXT Festival 2020 (turn subtitles on)

Here is an interview with Rian and Mark discussing the workshop and performance.