Birth, Life and Death in 10 minutes

Absurdest Theatre Piece for Pedro The Clown, Madeira 2017


Birth entrance

A big piece of strong fabric, covering stable entrance
Little hole in middle

Eye and tongue poke through hole
Teetering and stretching with different parts of face
Then mouth crying and subtle noises
Pushing and stretching harder
Head comes through (screaming and gasping for air)
Then collapse through it (sheer agony on the face)


Full blown wriggly writhing tantrum
Crying (doing toddler cry when catching breath)
Slowly calming

Sleep (sucking thumb)


Silence ............


~~ Fart ~~
(Wait for laughter)

Wake up screaming and whaling

Turning into laughing
Giggling (embarrassment)

Turning into slithering (laughing at self moving)

Crawling (excited by possibility)

Learning how to walk ~~~~~ HA HA ~~~~~ like magic (ta da)


Stumbling (into audience)
Holding self up off audience

Then trying to run ....... going fast and then falling flat (hard)

Walking and tinkering on tiptoes (comedy)
Fluttering about all dainty and soft
Delicately slowly elegantly


Abrupt epiphany ********** YOU ********** (SHOUT AT TOP OF LUNGS)
Pointing angrily (like they are telling them off)
Slowly turn finger back to himself
Looking sacred say and 'I'

eyee eye ayyy EYYY iiiiiYYYY eeeeeiyA
A a a a h h a a a y yyyyyyyyyyuHHHHHHHH

I I I I iiii ii ii iy y yyyy Y Y y ii I I a I uyyyyuhhhh

A aa a e e e eeee e e




I - (stern and sure)

Iff f f fffff fffffff

If Iiiii ii iiiiii iii
If I formmmmmm (looking at hands)
I form Iiii iiiii. (Pointing at self)
I form if (hands open facing up)
I form I ?? (Pointing at self puzzled)
I form form (pointing at body and legs in downward motion)

(slowly decaying, getting crippled, deteriorating, dying, holding heart and collapsing)

if I form
I form I (dying)
I form

I form Iii ii I iiii i ii i .....



Death [END]



Written by Rian Treanor
Performed by Pedro Correia