For 6 weeks Rian Treanor lead a series of workshops with a group of under 10-11 year olds. The participants collaborated in real-time from their homes, working together to develop a multichannel sound piece that was performed remotely and streamed live at the opening night of No Bounds 2020.

All the sounds were recorded around the kids environments through a number of sound recording exercises, which were then used as source materials to create patterns together. This all happened within a new system that Rian has been developing with Mark Fell over lockdown that enables remote participation. The basic principle is that people download a standalone app and play together in real time over a network. This was the first in a series of new collaborative projects that they are developing, including workshops, live performances, installations and critical discussions that they are calling Inter-symmetric works.

The performance was live streamed on October the 16th from Kelham Island Industrial Museum in binaural sound and enjoyed by a live socially distanced, seated audience of 24 on the HISS 3DM sound system.