Jan Hendrickse and Rian Treanor live at Hangar Bicocca Milan 2019, as part of Against Method curated by Mark Fell & Pedro Rocha

Jan Hendrickse is composer, improviser, sound artist and scholar, Hendrickse's research is concerned with exploring the impact of sound on physiological and psychological states. As a performer, he specialises on wind instruments. Informed by extensive travels, his practice investigates playing techniques from all over the world, as well as making and adapting instruments into unconventional forms and formats

Rian Treanor is becoming both a disruptive and essential new voice in British underground club music as he re-imagines the intersection of club culture, experimental art and computer music, presenting an insightful and compelling musical world of fractured and interlocking components. This year he released his debut album "ATAXIA" with Planet Mu.

Against Method, a project comprising a sound installation, concerts and a talk, is conceived by Mark Fell as a response to Sheela Gowda's exhibition "Remains", as part of the Public Program of Pirelli HangarBicocca.